This Fall, Join Us at Speak Up! A Historic National

Leadership Summit for Women Living With HIV

fr_meme1_cropPWN-USA is thrilled to announce our first-ever national summit to build leadership skills among women living with HIV!

Two hundred women living with HIV from across the nation will gather in Fort Walton Beach, FL, from September 17-19. We will build skills, discuss critical policy, advocacy, and research issues relevant to women’s lives, and foster a growing national community among women living with HIV.

Join us in making herstory! Register for the summit, and find out about opportunities to support or sponsor this landmark event.

We’ll see you in Florida!


Services for Women Are Not Disposable! PWN-USA Responds to the President’s Budget Proposal to Eliminate Ryan White Part D


Contact: Olivia Ford, oford.pwnusa@gmail.com / 347.553.5174

March 26, 2014, New Orleans, LA - Just a few weeks ago, President Obama’s budget for 2015 was released, proposing the elimination of Part D of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, which provides family-centered medical care and supportive services to women, infants, children and youth (WICY) living with HIV. Positive Women’s Network – USA is deeply concerned about this proposal and demands to see the evidence that drove this decision. Within the Ryan White Program, and across the spectrum of care for people living with HIV, services and care designed to meet women’s needs are not disposable.


Healing in Order to Treat: Addressing Violence and Trauma to Improve Health Outcomes for Women With HIV


Contact: Olivia Ford, oford.pwnusa@gmail.com / 347.553.5174

nwghaad-webbadge-120xNew York City, March 10, 2014 – Today, National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Positive Women’s Network – United States of America (PWN-USA) is Sharing Knowledge and Taking Action to break the link between violence, trauma and HIV among women in our communities, in collaboration with federal partners. Yet last week, President Barack Obama proposed a 2015 budget that will eliminate future support for women-focused HIV services funded by Part D of the Ryan White Treatment Extension Act — with no assurances that the remaining parts of Ryan White will pick up the slack. This change is being proposed despite data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s HIV care continuum, which shows that only 41% of women living with HIV are retained in medical care.


PWN-USA Releases 2014-2016 Strategic Plan

PrintEvery day, PWN-USA inspires, informs and mobilizes women living with HIV to advocate for changes that improve our lives and uphold our rights.  In 2013, we went through an extensive strategic planning process and listened to hundreds of stakeholders.  Over 200 women living with HIV contributed to our newly launched vision, values, and goals.  Check out our 2014-2016 strategic plan by clicking on the image below!

PWN-USA Survey Finds Violations of Sexual and Reproductive Rights of US Women Living with HIV

Unspoken coverpageTo better understand the ways in which women living with HIV experience their own sexuality, relationships, and reproductive desires and intentions, within this cultural, political and social context, Positive Women’s Network – United States of America, a national membership body of women living with HIV, created a research and analysis project designed and implemented entirely by women living with HIV.  UNSPOKEN: Sexuality, Romance, and Reproductive Freedom for Women Living with HIV in the United States articulates the findings of that project and details recommendations for further research, advocacy, and action.

Select findings:

  • Over 50% of US women living with HIV in care have not been counseled on viral suppression as an HIV prevention strategy
  • Women living with HIV face high levels of internalized stigma, which negatively impacts self-perception, enjoyment of sex, and intimate partnerships, and may lead to abuse
  • 69% of respondents had experienced nonconsensual sex and 72% had experienced intimate partner violence
  • Women living with HIV are resilient and resourceful, utilizing diverse strategies to improve health, perceptions of body image, and increase agency in sexual and romantic decision-making

12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Your blog was very inspiring for HIV Positive women whom are affected and/or infected. Women responding to issues that affect us as a whole encourages others to speak up, please keep up the great work you are doing for women.

  2. Good Evening, My Name is Cynthia Solomon, I’ve been positive for 20 years now and I’m very much interested in becoming a memeber of PWN i’m currently living in New York City, arera Can you please contact me with information on your facility and how to get involve with other positive women. Thank you

    • Hi Cynthia! Thank you so much for reaching out. Would be honored for you to become a member of PWN-USA. Please email us your contact information and we will add you to PWN’s e-mail list (positivewomensnetworkUSA@gmail.com). Also, check out our facebook page to stay updated (link at the top right of this page)! Your voice is needed. We will be hosting a listening session for members to tell us what they want to work on and how they want to get involved. Please stay updated on the website, facebook, and email list!

  3. Count us in PWN-USA, Older Women Embracing Life, Inc., is a tax-exempt not-for-profit operating in MD and the District of Columbia – our vision, an OWEL Support Group in each of these United States.
    Also add the POSITIVE IMPACT Ministry at New Samaritan Baptist Church, 1100 Florida Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20002
    I am point of contact for each of the above. Carolyn L. Massey, Executive Director, OWEL; Director, Positive Impact Ministry

  4. Women are faced with much hardships in today’s society, the movie “Temptation” betrays HIV positive women in a negative light. The movie is keeping the stigma and fear alive within the black communities which keeps people from getting tested and taking control of their health. Please sign the petition because SILENCE =DEATH.

  5. tyler perry has a responsibility to show Blacks, Black women especially, in a realistic and positive light. there is enough negative out there.

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