Regional Chapters

Training and supporting women living with HIV to be leaders, and to mobilize advocates in their own areas of the U.S., are essential aspects of PWN-USA’s vision and mission.

Regional chapters are groups of women living with HIV organizing at the local or state level to further the mission and advocacy agenda of PWN-USA. Regional chapters are supported by PWN-USA staff and leadership via technical assistance, trainings, tools and resources. There is a process to formally affiliate as a PWN-USA Regional Chapter.

To learn more about the process of forming a regional chapter of PWN-USA, contact Waheedah Shabazz-El, PWN-USA’s Regional Organizing Director, at

PWN-USA is proud to recognize our nine affiliated regional chapters. Click the links below for more information about each chapter, and profiles of the phenomenal women behind this work!

PWN-USA Bay Area (California)

PWN-USA Colorado

PWN-USA Georgia

PWN-USA Greater Houston Area

PWN-USA Louisiana 

PWN-USA Michigan

PWN-USA New York City


PWN-USA Philadelphia

PWN-USA San Diego

PWN-USA South Carolina


3 thoughts on “Regional Chapters

  1. PWN-USA has a clear mission to prepare and and involve all WLWHIV at the level of policy and decision-making to ensure programs & policies fit the realities of our lives.
    These regional chapters are incubating and cultivating the next tier of leaders to be a part of the solution in addressing the AIDS epidemic. We can’t end the AIDS without addressing the treatment, care and prevention needs of women and girls.
    I encourage each of us to use this place
    not only for gathering information but for sharing ourselves with each other. Holding one another up and having each others back.

  2. This is very inspiring to me. I am so encouraged to know that there are strong women such as yourselves to “carry the banner forward”. Or as you put it; “cultivating the next tier of leaders” within the HIV+ womens’ community. Thank you for doing this very difficult work in these most tumultuous times. In Solidarity – Nancy MacNeil

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