PWN-USA Philly In Action

January 2016

PWN-USA Philly has been busy! Thanks to a grant from the AIDS United Positive Organizing Project, they have been training people living with HIV in their community to fight stigma, and this month certified 11 men and women as Stand Up to Stigma Champions. More trainings are coming soon!

“We are women and men living with HIV. We are not victims. We are living well, we’re living longer thanks to advances in treatment–but where are the advances in stigma? The stigma is the same or even worse. We have to respond to that, because if we don’t, who’s going to? We have to stand up to the stigma,” says Asha Molock, the Strategic Communications Action Team representative for PWN-USA Philly and one of the leaders of the training.

Watch clips from their awesome first training here:

And here is the formidable Waheedah Shabazz-El, Regional Organizing Director of PWN-USA, breaking down the concepts of self-determination and intersectionality at the second Stand Up to Stigma training in January 2016: