PWN-USA-Colorado (PWN-CO) is honored to join PWN-USA as an official affiliated organization.  We mean business and we mean to change the world.  PWN-USA will give us the support, tools and mentorship to make advocacy for women in the state of Colorado a reality.

Messages From Officers

PWN Photo- KariKari Hartel, Co-Chair

Kari Hartel has been living with HIV since 2003 and the last few years living with HIV have been an amazing journey.  Kari spent 8 years working with women and youth living with HIV as a client advocate and retention specialist.  She now works in HIV prevention and also does a great deal of outreach in the community to educate people on realities of HIV/AIDS, and empower others to stop stigma and discrimination.

She is an advocate and activist at heart and is very passionate about social justice.  Kari is driven to community activism by a strong sense of civic responsibility, a belief that health care is a basic human right and an ideal that equity and justice should be possible for everyone.  She believes that we should always be mentoring those who haven’t found their voice, and step in to be a voice for the voiceless whenever needed.

She is a current Denver HIV Resources Part A Planning Council member and participates in a number of other community boards. She is also the mother of a very precocious 10-year-old little girl who takes up most of her free time.  Kari is very excited to take on this new role as a chair of PWN-USA-Colorado and looks forward to working with all the amazing ladies who are part of PWN (-USA and -USA-Colorado) in an effort to create a community that is inclusive and representative of women living with HIV as we create policy and change that empowers the entire HIV+ community.

Contact Kari: khartel2011@gmail.com720-982-7303

Barb-PAHO-March-2011Barb Cardell, Co-Chair 

Barb Cardell has been HIV+ since 1991 and has been involved with PWN since 2009. As well as being a co-chair for the Colorado chapter, she is the chair of the PWN-USA Board of Directors. Based in Boulder, CO, Barb advocates for HIV+ women’s rights and awareness on a local, state and national level, and started Colorado’s PWN-USA regional chapter in January 2012 which now has over 20 members and created the “IF I WERE HIV+…” community education campaign for National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.   In 2011, Barb was appointed by Governor Ritter to sit on the Colorado Coalition for HIV Care and Prevention and was elected Vice Chair of the Coalition in 2012. In addition, Barb serves on the steering committee member for the People Living with HIV (PLHIV)  Caucus. She starts each day asking herself “What will you do with your wild, precious life?”

Contact Barb:


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