PWN-USA-South Carolina

Messages From the Co-Chairs

Bonetta's bio picBonetta Spratley 

Bonetta Spratley 48, is a native of Hopewell, Virginia born July 19, 1969. She is the parent of two daughters Lindsey and Lauryn. Bonetta was diagnosed with HIV Nov. 1990 at the age of 19. After several years she began to get involved in many local, community events with the Health Dept. and other organizations that had HIV/AIDS programs. She began sharing her personal story with HIV in 2003 at schools, women shelter’s, churches and HIV functions. Mrs. Spratley also implemented HIV 101 in the local jail monthly for several years.

Bonetta moved to South Carolina in 2009 and has since then been involved in the community as a spokesperson for HIV/AIDS, worked for Wateree AIDS Task Force a local ASO in her community and a Medical case manager for Sandhills Medical Foundation(FQHC) for 5 years. She became a part of P.o.s.i.t.i.v.e VOICES (2010), an HIV Positive Women’s Health Advocacy Network, addressing the economic and environmental impact that the HIV/AIDS epidemic poses on individuals, communities and ultimately society. She’s implemented the Common Threads model, changing the beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives of participants and community members who are privileged to hear her life experiences. Also, she became a part of Positive Women’s Network-USA SC Regional Chapter (2012), where she serves as Co-Chair and has been the Administrator Assistant for the Positive Organizing Project 3 and 4 Grant working towards modernizing the HIV Criminalization laws in South Carolina. Her mission is to “Come against the stigma, spread Awareness and advocate for ALL that has been infected and affected by the HIV epidemic!”

Stacy JenningsStacy Jennings headshot.JPG

Stacy Jennings is a 21 year survivor of HIV. In other words HEAVEN is IN her VIEW. She states that, “God is truly able”.The day Stacy received this devastating diagnosis in the year of 1995 she thought her life would be over but little did she know that what started out being a devastating diagnosis ended up being a blessing. She is able to speak up and speak out about her disease and is no longer ashamed. She has a 24 year old son whom is HIV negative and gave birth to a healthy baby boy after 20 years in March of 2014. Unfortunately he didn’t make it because of the tremendous amount of stigma that still exists within our community and in our world. In spite of it all and because of it all Stacy has chosen to live on and be all that she can be for the next person.

Stacy loves writing poetry and is inspired to write about all facets of life. She dreams of sharing her story to all that are inclined to hear because telling her story will allow her to continue to bring down this disease, allowing her to become a stronger woman because of it.

PWN SC group shot
PWN-USA South Carolina in March 2016

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