Flashblog: Why We Must #EndVAWHIV

Around the nation, women living with HIV, and the individuals and organizations who work for and with them, are sharing their stories of intimate partner and other gender-based violence, as well as the roots of and solutions to that violence and trauma, in honor of our second annual National Day of Action to End Violence Against Women Living with HIV.

Join us on this page all week for gain a deeper understanding of the issues and solutions–then take part in our National Day of Action to push for real, meaningful change.

Hear the voices of women living with HIV who are survivors of interpersonal and structural violence:

Intro to the Flashblog to #EndVAWLHIV (Naimah O’Neal)

Positive Attitude (Naimah O’Neal)

Finding My Voice (Naimah O’Neal)

Why I’m at the Table (Naimah O’Neal)

Saving Ourselves (Nancy Asha Molock)

Tainted Passion (Mariah DePass)

Breaking the Silence, Breaking Out of the Violence (Teresa Sullivan)

Walking the Thin Black Line (Loren Jones)

I Didn’t Want to Die (Anonymous)

Olga Irwin’s Story of Success

Overcoming Trauma to Help Others (Lillibeth Gonzalez)

And hear from the organizations that work with women living with HIV facing violence and trauma:

Why We Need an HIV Prevention Revolution (SisterLove, Inc.)

Caring for Survivors: Beyond Criminalization and Mass Incarceration (SisterSong)

Jail is Not a Solution to a Public Health Problem (Healthy & Free TN)

The Importance of Serving Survivors of Domestic Violence Living with HIV (National Network to End Domestic Violence)

Ending a Culture of Violence Against Women and Girls Living with HIV: Support Human Dignity (30 for 30 Campaign)

Self-Determination and the Struggle to End Violence Against Women Living with HIV (Keiko Lane, MFT)

Women with a Vision Statement of Support of National Day of Action to End Violence Against WLHIV (Women with a Vision)

One thought on “Flashblog: Why We Must #EndVAWHIV

  1. hi my name is faith gallagher i am living with hiv 10 years live in delco pa did the walk and help run a group for people with hiv in chester always looking for more people work phone 6105667540 et 252 come gonr us

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