Action Alert!

Week of October 16

Take Action to Stop Tax Cuts for the Rich & Budget Cuts for Everyone Else


Issue: Right now, Congress is finalizing a funding bill for Fiscal Year 2018 that paves the way for massive tax cuts for the wealthiest – by cutting or eliminating essential programs on which millions of people living with HIV, low-income and people and people with disabilities rely. Both the House and Senate have proposed deep cuts to HIV funding, Title X family planning services and the safety net for low income Americans while increasing funding to abstinence only programs and defense funding. The House has already passed their FY 18 budget resolution and the Senate is expected to vote on their own resolution by Friday.  Below is a top-line summary of both the House and Senate resolutions. These budgets represent a direct attack on people living with HIV, low-income folks, communities of color, and people with disabilities. Take action! Call your Senators today. A sample script and additional talking points are below.

Take Action!

  • Call your Senator and demand that they reject these harmful cuts and protect vital programs necessary for PLHIV to survive. Sample script:
    • “My name is _____ and I live in [city, zip code]. I am a person living with HIV/person who cares about HIV and a constituent of Sen. ____. I’m calling today to tell Sen. ____ to reject the current budget proposal. It is a direct attack on low-income and middle income Americans – cutting HIV funding, family planning services and safety net programs to give the richest people in the country a tax cut. Specifically, I oppose any cuts to SNAP, TANF, Medicare, Medicaid, the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, Title X Family Planning, the Secretary’s Minority AIDS Initiative, the SAMHSA Minority AIDS Initiative, and the HOPWA program. These programs provide life-saving services and essential resources for low income Americans, including people living with HIV and other disabilities. I also oppose the inclusion of any dollars to support abstinence-only programs which have been proven to be ineffective. These programs should be eliminated.”
  • Go to to reach targets in the Senate.
  • Share your story on on how Trump and Congressional Republican’s budget proposals will impact your ability to maintain access to healthcare, housing food and a basic standard of living while giving tax cuts to the richest people in the country.

Here are some additional resources and talking points for your reference:


  • The Senate version of the budget has $5 trillion in cuts.
    • $1.3 trillion in cuts will come from health programs (mostly Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – both of which serve low income children and families.
    • Another nearly $500 billion in cuts comes from Medicare.
    • $656 billion in cuts comes from “income security” programs which may include low-income tax credits; SNAP (food stamps); Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; SSI (for the elderly and disabled), etc.
    • $660 billion will be cut from education, housing, child care, and other essential services.